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Selling a horse can be one of the most anxiety producing, nail biting, painful experiences. Having Sharon act as agent, however, was quite the opposite. Sharon created and executed a training plan, preparing my horse for showing to prospective buyers in a relatively short period of time. She marketed him effectively, emphasizing his positives but always truthful and forthright with prospective buyers. She collaborated with me in terms of major decisions like pricing. Her marketing brought out prospective buyers in the appropriate price range and skills level for my particular horse. She kept me informed all along the way; letting me know how my horse was progressing and about prospective buyers. She is a consummate professional-efficient, effective AND she gets results! My horse was sold in six weeks to a great, new situation.

– Andrea Waxler


Sharon has been instrumental in my success along my dressage journey. I am an adult amateur with a demanding job and after taking years off from riding, started riding with Sharon about 10 years ago. At that point I hadn’t even ridden 1st level. Sharon is committed to helping each individual student reach their goals and through her commitment to correct riding and training has helped me earn my bronze and silver medals.

Even with time constraints I am able to keep progressing because if there are days I can’t ride she keeps my horse tuned up and going correctly. I’ve seen her match students, including myself with wonderful horses that are suited to their abilities and goals.

Because of her I’m a better more confident rider.

– Doreen Richards


I first met Sharon McCusker in the fall of 2020, where I rode a beautiful brown mare I fell instantly in love with. Sharon was straightforward with all information regarding the mare, Donna Dorina. I was able to ride her multiple times, with Sharon’s instruction before coming to a decision. I felt well informed, and completely supported throughout the process. Fast forward two years; I have “barn family” who treats my mare like their own, my riding skill has drastically improved, along with a growing and cherished partnership with my mare. Sharon has an incredible amount of knowledge that she shares in an easy-to-understand way. She also has a great team beside her, from student riders, to her barn manager. I cannot recommend Sharon and her team enough!

– Jennie Hakala


Working with Sharon has been an amazing experience in my journey to Grand Prix. I started riding with Sharon in 2018 when I was just beginning my riding career in dressage. At the time I came to Sharon I was riding at training level, but this was to quickly change. Remarkably, through Sharon’s teachings, I was able to reach my goal of competing in the Grand Prix with scores in the 70’s in only three years. In 2021 I received my USDF gold medal; additionally, only two years into my training with Sharon I achieved my USDF silver medal. Sharon’s abilities are reflected in the success of her students. I would not have been able to achieve my long-term goals so quickly if I had not had Sharon’s personalized and encouraging mentorship. Sharon’s mastership of all levels of dressage can help combinations of all skill levels as they strive to achieve their personal goals. Sharon is always committed to improving her students and horses through correct and individualized training. Sharon’s dedication to her students and horses is inspiring, I could not recommend Sharon enough.

– Ashley Cauvel


My experience with Souhegan Farm was rewarding beyond my expectations! It was in the first year of the pandemic when I found myself in need of a new competition horse and concerned about traveling outside of New England. My list of ‘needs’ was not long but important. Souhegan Farm is where I would find the horse to compete at a higher level that would exceed my dreams. Sharon had carefully trained and produced an outstanding gelding to Intermediate I. He is patience but responsive, a very good worker, excellent gaits which equals a perfect amateur’s horse. She is very aware of what potential clients are looking for and finds horses that meet that criteria.

The purchasing process went very smoothly from the test rides to pre purchase and the sale. Souhegan Farm is an excellent testing facility with both indoor and outdoor arenas. Lastly Sharon has a real eye to match the horse and rider to make a lasting partnership. Thank you for developing this beautiful boy!

– Beth Harbin


I have bought horses from Sharon, and she has sold horses for me. Both have been positive experiences. Sharon has a knack for matching riders to horses. But beyond horse sales Sharon is a fabulous instructor. For nearly 20 years I have traveled to train with Sharon, first with my junior/young rider daughter and later for myself. Under Sharon’s instruction I earned my USDF Silver Medal and am grateful Sharon continues to be available for me to truck in for training.

– Amy O’Neil


As a life time horse person I have been through the buying and selling of horses several times, I will confess to finding the process to be stressful/complicated / and a nerve wracking experience. That was before I met Sharon McCusker.

Recently, I made the decision to give Sharon, my loved young horse to sell, as well as, continue his ongoing training efforts. Sharon knew the horse as he was being trained by one of her friends who she had coached at a few shows and given lesson to.

When my horse arrived from the training facility down south at Sharon’s farm, She immediately contacted me to report she didn’t think he was feeling or acting right. She was spot on and it turned out he was sick. Sharon rose to the occasion and took him on as if he were her own horse. I was so relieved, and I felt so comforted that I had made the decision to go with Sharon. She nurtured him throughout that illness as a caring owner would, she then worked with the ferrier for some hoof repositioning, and with the vet for some vitamin deficiencies and then began the process of getting him back to show condition. She really took the time and effort to make sure he was 100%, all above and beyond what either of us bargained for. I just had this wonderful feeling of being totally relaxed knowing that your horse/partner/friend is in GREAT QUALIFIED HANDS throughout the process.

She went on to do a wonderful job at finding the right person for my horse, and was so professional throughout the transaction, I was really impressed with her kind loving care, her astute acumen in the horse transaction process. I sincerely belief Sharon is not only an incredibly gifted rider/trainer, but a person of the utmost integrity, honesty, and a genuine/caring lover of horses. I can’t speak highly enough of Sharon, and she will always be my go to person for horse selling/training/ purchasing.