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Week three and four training with Hubertus Schmidt. Show prep and first horse show competing at Grand Prix in Germany! Started week Three schooling in snaffle on Monday. Did lots of loosening work and transitions to get him soft and listening to half halt and… Read More »4-2-2017


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After the first full week of training I felt that our work started to solidify. Not to say there weren’t rides that were more challenging than others, but getting familiar with a system and how a trainer wants to work through issues takes time. In… Read More »3-20-2017


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WEEK ONE Training with Hubertus Schmidt Blog entry It’s a lovely mid- March day in North Westphalia Germany. It’s a Sunday and the horses all get a day of rest. It’s a bit chilly and breezy today, but the Germans love their bikes and their… Read More »3-12-2017


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It’s mid February 2017 and the snow banks are piled high around the stable. Most years at this time would find me in Florida with clients and horses, training, showing and enjoying the sun and warmth. Friends ask me if I miss Florida and I… Read More »2-20-2017